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Female Detective Set Apart By Compassion

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Source: Journal Gazette

Snippet: Four months after Liza Anglin became a homicide detective in the Fort Wayne Police Department, an incident happened. A 2-year-old Malakai Garrett died of internal injuries so severe that his liver was lacerated. Anglin had rushed to the hospital that day. She witnessed the family as relatives spent agonizing moments until Malakai took his last shallow breath.

As a female detective, giving it her all is typical of Anglin, those who know her say. Because Anglin is “so committed to her work,” Dottie Davis, a former FWPD deputy chief, has talked to Anglin about “work-life balance.”

“She’s dealing with constant crisis. Homicide is usually a pretty small unit, very close knit,” said Davis, who helped train Anglin 20 years ago and considers her a friend.

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