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Work-Life Index

What Does Your Life Look Like As A Male Or Female

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This gives a general overview of what life can be for you as a man or woman in the European Union.

For example, as a Woman from Netherlands, you live in a country where 73% of women have experienced sexual harassment.

On average, a woman is likely to earn 1806€ every month, while a man is likely to earn 2963€.

Check, Define Gender Equality Index

Progress In Gender Equality In European Union Since 2005

The EU is closest to gender equality in the domains of health (88.1 points) and money (80.4 points). Gender inequalities are most worrying in the domain of power (51.9 points). Nevertheless, the score in this domain has improved the most since 2005 (+ 13 points), due to progress in nearly every Member State.

Although the EU has progressed towards gender equality, developments are uneven between Member States. Sweden (83.6 points) and Denmark (77.5 points) are consistently the most gender-equal societies. Greece (51.2 points) and Hungary (51.9 points) have the longest way to go. Italy and Cyprus have improved the most (+ 13.8 points and + 10.4 points), while Lithuania is the only country not to have made any progress in gender equality since 2005.

In some domains, progress has slowed, stalled or even regressed. Th EU is still far from the finish line.

Planning For A Better Life

When next someone ask you, what does your life look like as a male or female living in Cyprus or Sweden for example, or in what areas do you want to improve your life? You can now look beyond your personal circumstances or local environment and use a wider context to explain or plan.

The EU Gender Equality Index 2019 focuses on work-life balance and has a work-life balance scoreboard.

Click here for EU Work-Life Balance Scoreboard.

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