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5 Hidden Opportunities When Your Job Has Lost Its Spark

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Click to read: 5 Hidden Opportunities When Your Job Has Lost Its Spark

Source: Forbes

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Snippets: When we consider whether we like our jobs, the actual work isn’t always – if ever – the first thing we focus on. There are so many factors and details that comprise our days. There’s our local barista when we pick up our morning coffee. There’s the commute where we listen to podcasts or music or just sit in silence in contrast to the chaos of children back home.

Many might find – and are finding – that the bones left of a job had been so well clothed pre-quarantine that they had never fully considered how much they did – or didn’t – enjoy the job itself.

Rather than get depressed about this realization, use it as an opportunity. You now have a chance to reignite your love affair with your job or figure out what you’d rather do. Both are upsides; you are being given insight that can improve your […].

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