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Capita To Close Over A Third Of Offices Permanently

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Outsourcing firm Capita is to close over a third of its offices in the UK permanently, the BBC understands. The firm, which is a major government contractor, is to end its leases on almost 100 workplaces.

Business lobby group CBI has warned that the fall in office working is damaging city centre economies.

“It’s the biggest experiment we’ve ever had in homeworking”

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A Capita spokesman said: “We take seriously the responsibilities we have to the communities in which we operate. And are mindful of the impact that potential office closures could have on small businesses.”

“Following dialogue with our employees it has become very clear that they would like to work in a more flexible way. This will involve increased working from home. But they will still spend a significant amount of their time working from offices that are based in the heart of our local communities.”

“It’s the biggest experiment we’ve ever had in homeworking,” the CIPD’s chief executive Peter Cheese told the BBC in an interview in July. “Bosses are starting to shift towards judging output, rather than the number of hours spent in front of the computer.”

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