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Boris Johnson Urges Parents To Send Kids Back To School

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Reuters/Boris Johnson urges parents to send kids back to school

Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls on parents to send their children back to school next month. This he views as a key step to helping Britain recover from the coronavirus lockdown. A major union has warned that more teachers are needed in the preparation to return children back to school.

The Independent reported that the National Education Union (NEU) also accused ministers of being “negligent in the extreme”. They said schools had been left in the dark on how to deal with a coronavirus outbreak.

But the prime minister thanked school staff who he said had made classrooms “Covid-secure”.

In a direct appeal to parents, he said: “It’s vitally important that we get our children back into the classroom to learn and to be with their friends. Nothing will have a greater effect on the life chances of our children than returning to school.”

On Sunday, the chief medical officers and deputy chief medical officers of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales issued a joint statement. They reassured parents it was safe to send their children back to school.

They said, “very few, if any” children and teenager would come to long-term harm from catching Covid-19 by attending school.

But shadow education secretary Kate Green criticised the government for being “asleep at the wheel”. And having failed to provide the necessary details to schools to reopen.

For some working parents, this comes as a relief compared to searching out complementary home school support tech startups.

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