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By periodically investing in an index, the ‘know-nothing’ investor in Work-Life can actually outperform most professionals. There are other Worklife – Index from Worklife Feed. Here, we define worklife and worklife balance.

Define Work-life

1. Web link source: Cambridge Dictionary. Adjective – workplace, HR (also work/life). Definition – Worklife relates to the amount of time you spend doing your job, compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy.

Sample Usage:

work/life study revealed that 26% of employees often felt “emotionally drained” by their work.

work-life policy/program/strategy.

2. Web link source: Oxford Dictionary on Lexicon. Pronunciation – /ˈwəːk ˈlʌɪf/; AdjectiveOf, or relating to both work and personal life; designating the relationship between the two. Especially in “work–life balance”.

3. Web link source: Urban Dictionary. DefinitionWorklife is the combination of the words, work and life into one word; simple non-stop entity that means both work and life.

4. Web link source: Your Dictionary. Adjective – Of, or pertaining to the relationship between ones work and personal life.

5. Web link source: theGreatIndoors. Definition – Worklife is a phenomenon that is most commonly talked about in terms of trying to achieve that all-important ‘balance’ or ‘blend’ between our professional and personal lives. 


Define Work-Life Balance (a)

1. Web link source: Dictionary. Pronunciationwork/life bal·ance; wurk-lahyf-bal-uhns. NounA situation in which one divides or balances one’s time between work and activities outside of work.

Sample usage: It’s hard to achieve a reasonable work-life balance when you run your own business.

2. Web link source: Worklifebalance. Definition Worklife balance is the Meaningful daily Achievement and Enjoyment in each of my four life quadrants: Work, Family, Friends and Self.

3. Web link source: Wikipedia. Definition – Work–life balance is the lack of opposition between work and other life roles. It is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal. Work–life balance consists of, but it is not limited to, flexible work arrangements that allow employees to carry out other life programs and practices

Define Work-Life Balance (b)

4. Web link source: Forbes. Analysis While employers can look to studies about what work-life balance means to millennials to gain some insight, it’s important to remember that work-life balance will always mean something a little different to everyone.

5. Web link source: HRzone. DefinitionWork-life balance refers to the level of prioritisation between personal and professional activities in an individual’s life, and the level to which activities related to their job are present in the home.

6. Web link source: MBAskool. Definition Work life balance is a method which helps employees of an organization to balance their personal and professional lives.

7. Web link source: Cleverism. Definition Work-life balance basically refers to the proper prioritizing of an individual between his work or career and his personal life or lifestyle.

8. Web link source: Researchgate. DefinitionWork-life balance (WLB) is both a social construct (i.e., a notion that is ‘constructed’ through social practice and which may or may not represent objective reality) and a discourse.

It tends to be either (a), defined as an individual experience or aspiration, with particular focus on time-squeezed white collar workers. Or (b), used as an adjective to describe workplace policies or practices (e.g., flexible work arrangements) or public policies (e.g., parental leave) that purport to enhance these individual experiences (i.e., WLB policies, practices, or supports).

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