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Wife Adorable Comics Paint Picture of OUR Married Life

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Most wives are adorable. Some men will not agree with that statement. And if one of such men is reading this, this is a caveat so you do not miss-interpret the heading above.

Not all wive’s are naughty or comical, so please don’t think this is similar to or about your wife adorable comics. Or the reliefs or stress that you you get from them.

From watching TV together to hogging the bed, the little moments captured in these illustrations will hit close to home for married couples. Artist Debbie Tung lives in Birmingham, England, with her husband Jason. She recently published a book of comics based on her relationship titled “Happily […]

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“The best part [of marriage] for me is his company and having someone I’m comfortable with where I can completely be myself,” she said. “As an introvert, I never thought I would find someone I could build a life with. I’m so thankful that I did!” That is such a good one, give me more of such loving wife adorable comics, please.

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