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Honest Quotes About Fatherhood From Ben Affleck

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Actor Ben Affleck has some honest quotes about fatherhood and some good, real men words of advise to tell some brothers out there. Am talking to you, my man (or the young adonis), who is still acting in real life, just as Actor Ben Affleck or Tyler Perry does as a day job.

Fatherhood is the real deal, the prom is over. The game is up, the pursuit of the lady is over. Yes, you have won her. And though the love chase and romance will never be over, you have to wake up now to the responsibilities of fatherhood.

The new addition to the world needs a father figure in his or her life. Maybe it is succinct to put them as honest quotes about fatherhood. Do a little more inner reflection than the words you will read on the surface in the quotes.

Ben Affleck has three children ― 14-year-old Violet, 11-year-old Seraphina and 8-year-old Samuel ― with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. Since becoming a dad in 2005, he’s shared glimpses into his experience, from his struggles with his children to co-parenting after divorce.

13 Quotes About Fatherhood In Honor Of Ben Affleck’s 48th Birthday.

“Fatherhood has made me more sensitive and probably more caring, in a way. I always thought I was a caring guy, but it has made me feel things more acutely.”

More sensitive to what you may ask? Another life, especially young tender ones; and the woman who brought the souls to this world.

“Of course, she’s wonderful. [When] somebody’s the mother of your kids, they’re gonna be the most important, central person in your life.”

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This really get you confused, right. I know what you are thinking with that queer smile on your lips. She is so wonderful … but she is … Life is a lot of questions brother, I mean a lot.

“Kids, they see what you do. They don’t listen to what you say, and it means that I have to hold myself to account, in a way, that I think is really good.”

It is sad that most folks do not know this truth until the kid has become the man. The man you don’t want him to be. The man you see in the mirror.


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