Office Housework VP Job Can Bury Leadership Strength

We Need To Talk About “Office Housework”

We need to talk about “office housework,” because women and minorities are doing more of it . What’s office housework? Some is actual workplace housekeeping, like tidying up the break room or rearranging chairs around a conference table.

“Talk to a mentor a mentor about how she or he deflects the minutiae of everyday work life in order to lock focus on the bigger picture.”

The term also encompasses communal tasks like having lunch catered, setting up a team offsite, or giving a new colleague a tour of the photocopier and restrooms.

By definition, office housework is unseen and unrewarded. No one sealed a promotion to senior director on the strength of being awesome at corralling conference-call RSVPs or the “just-in-time” replacement of coffee filters.

“Working less on low-prestige busywork can free you up to focus on delivering results and making a bigger difference.”

I’m not saying you should never contribute to office housework. Instead, take a stand for sharing the load equitably.

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Don’t let your leadership strengths get buried under a mountain of low-level, inconsequential tasks. Don’t let the burden land disproportionately on others, either.

Myfwl/Work Life Feed re-adapted the write up for short minutes readers. Click here to view the full original write up at Note, it was adapted from Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive (McGraw-Hill) by Jo Miller.



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