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Additional Perks For Remote Home-Working Employees

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Business Insider/ Additional Perks For Remote Home-working

In the good old days, never mind my description of what was just last year. But times have changed and at the speed of a coronavirus.

Two years ago, in 2018, Mike struggled to allow his staff the freedom of using the company’s flexi policy of working from home. He just did not believe in it. Put differently, he did not trust one of his high performing staff.

When a truce was forced, and Drake was allowed to work from home, Mike will call several times to monitor his remote worker, especially if Drake is off line for a few minutes.

When I ask Drake, who no longer work with Mike, what he thinks of those times. He smiled and wish he too can know how Mike is licking the new milk.

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As usual, Mike will shrug it off, and blend easily into the new reality as a work place survival strategist

With more employees now forced to work from home, some employers are keeping an eye on their daily activities with remote monitoring technologies; tracking keystrokes, taking photos to see whether workers are sitting at their laptops and enforcing data security policies.

Why I Change My View On Additional Perks For Remote Home-Working Employees

For good reasons, some precautions are necessary. Fitness brand Garmin paid millions of dollars in ransom after an attack took many of its products and services offline, Sky News and Business Insider reports.

This is the big deal, a major reason for additional perks for remote home-working employees. I had thought, just working from home with the work life balance it offers should be enough.

Good Old Days Suite of In-house Perks to Entice New Talent and Retain Existing Employees

In recent years, sorry, in the good old days, companies were offering a suite of in-house perks to entice new talent and retain existing employees.

These services ranged from free on-site lunch services, pet-friendly offices, ping pong tables, and, at times, even cocktails and draft beer for employees to enjoy after office hours.

However, the traditional workplace has been dramatically transformed due to the coronavirus. Over the last few months, organizations around the globe have transitioned from the in-person office to the virtual workspace.

While organizations may have originally viewed this as a temporary, short-term solution, some companies are embracing remote work in the long term.

Classic Future of Additional Perks For Remote Working Employees

As employees continue to telecommute in the future, the classic perks and benefits package may need to adjust to the new normal of business operations.

Have you thought of some of the perks and benefits telecommuters should consider during the negotiation process?

Additional Perks To Negotiate As A Home-Working Employee

To start the conversation, below is a list to get you thinking. Which one comes top for you?

  1. Stipends for home office setup – you may be thinking of additional expenses to address ergonomics.
  2. Energy allowance – who should pay the extra energy cost, consumed for the additional work hours spent at home?
  3. Balance through calendar adjustments – opportunity to spread work and the working hours while handling other life calls.
  4. Enhanced medical benefits packages – go and recheck what is covered under your current medical package.
  5. Remote learning opportunities – shouldn’t this be a good opportunity to address those skills gaps without disrupting work and life?

“Many US businesses are seeing the key benefits to remote work, such as cost savings and increased efficiency, and as a result, are opting for distributed workforces permanently. However, with the massive shift to remote work, many of our traditional office norms and perks will have to evolve to address new employee needs,” said Zoë Harte, SVP, head of human resources and talent innovation at Upwork.

Getting The Future of Perks Wrong Before Coronavirus Pandemic

Writing under the heading, 9 Cool New Work Perks That Could Be In Your Future, LearnVest in 2013 included perks such as free valet parking, pets in the office with free walkers to take them out, and a Monday in a month not doing real work but day dreaming, innovating. Company paid customized diet menu, free groceries delivery, massages and a trainer were also on the list.

Closer by in early 2019, Cecilia Amador de San José stated in Employee Benefits That Will Dominate The Future of Work, that “Wellness has become a central topic in all discussions about work and the workplace. In the future of work, the line between work and life will continue to blur, if not entirely disappear”.

The wellness that people need now is a little different from the wellness she envisaged. It goes beyond offering on-site fitness classes, discounted gym memberships, meditation rooms, and workshops.

Cecilia hit the right cord when she stated that companies need to focus on “incentives and non-traditional compensation packages. Programs that will help individuals further themselves professionally and personally”.

Don’t take any perk called paid 5-week sabbatical, you are spending more than five months working from home. It is a working sabbatical!

Take a moment to reflect, in which future are you likely to be living and working in 2021?


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