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Super Spoiler Toxic Work Trait People Think Is Healthy

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You definitely do not consider yourself to have a super spoiler toxic work trait. No doubt, you are a sincere master multi-tasker. You are working super hard to earn your pay, meet your personal priorities and move ahead of no one but yourself. You are competing with no one else, but you.

What Is Super Spoiler Toxic Work Behaviour?

Without a shrug, you can take an emergency work call while pulling carpool duty (hands-free, of course). You can chow down on a family dinner while sending a few last-minute emails to the team.

“There is absolutely no such thing as work-life balance”Dr. Appleton

And you can even take a client to a yoga class so you can mark two things off your to-do list at once. But is this idea of work-life balance really healthy? Dr. Daryl Appleton, psychotherapist and Fortune 500 executive coach, actually tells us that this type of work-life overexertion is toxic.

Wait, how exactly is trying to achieve work-life balance toxic?


Don’t agree with this, but read it twice, thrice. “There is absolutely no such thing as work-life balance,” Dr. Appleton puts bluntly. “We will never work 40 hours and then rest 40 hours. It’s impossible. This wild goose chase leaves us feeling less fulfilled and even more burnout.”

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So what’s wrong with the fallacy of work-life balance? You’re putting endless unnecessary pressure and guilt on yourself to achieve a “balance” that will never happen. The result is that you feel even more depleted. This is toxic as it keeps you in a vicious cycle where you can never win, which means you can’t grow. In a sense, chasing work-life balance traps you.

How do you know if you’re guilty of this?

Well, first of all, so many of us are guilty of this cycle. Work-life balance is preached from every corner of the corporate ladder. So you’re not alone.

And you know you’re experiencing toxic levels of it when, according to Dr. Appleton, you feel like nothing is ever accomplished.

You feel guilty about missing things in life or at work. To tick the box, you go through the motions of self-care because it’s “scheduled”, rather than because you’re actually engaged and mindfully practicing it.

Next time please! “You push off deadlines or work to do the ‘fun stuff’ and end up in a bigger work-hole. What is the fall out, you ignore your health and relationships to get work done, thinking ‘I have a vacation in a few months,’” Dr. Appleton expands.

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