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Slow Down Taste Life, Says Cheryl Day

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Slow down taste life, Cheryl Day wants you to slow down and taste the sweet life. When you are open to learning, you will learn. Open your eyes and heart, the world is full of wisdom, and they are hidden in unusual places.

Cheryl Day runs her beloved Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, Georgia. She runs the 17-year-old bakery with her husband Griffith Day and the two have also written best-selling cookbooks together. Her first solo cookbook with Artisan books will be released in Fall 2021.

Julia Turshen spoke with Day about what drives her and what measures she’s put in place to ensure longevity. We have all got a lot to learn from someone who shows us day in, day out, that biscuits matter just as much as boundaries. And that heritage matters, just as much as legacy.

Interview Extract To Slow You Down and Taste Sweet Life

How are you able to do business on your own terms?

I cannot imagine not creating my own destiny every single day. There’s stress that comes with that, but we still love it. We started this on our own. No investors. Still no investors.

“If we want to change something, we can do that on a dime.”

How have you gone about setting boundaries for yourself?

We changed our hours about a year ago. We’re open Thursday to Sunday. We used to be open Tuesday through Saturday and then we dropped Tuesday and added Sunday so we were just closed on Mondays.

“I had to get a little broken before I learned I needed to fix these things.”

Now on days when you’re not in the bakery, what are you doing?

I’m writing or I’m practicing self-care. Sometimes I get a facial in the middle of the day. I started a garden growing roses and herbs. I had to get a little broken before I learned I needed to fix these things.

“We try not to talk about work at home.”

Do you and Griffith have any parameters around your work life and your personal life?

When we get home, if we have to ride around the block a couple of times we will. We try not to talk about work at home.

The above is an extract from an interview by Julia Turshen, founder of Equity at the Table (EATT) and author of Now & Again. See link below to the original web publication.

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