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Quote Diaries – Create Destiny Every Single Day

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Quote Diaries – Create Destiny

My dear friend, create destiny every single day.
I cannot imagine not creating one every life day. 
Not that it is very easy to do, each of every life day. 
But what is a life not lived to the full every life day?

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Top Ten Ways to Create Your Own Destiny

Are there ten ways to do this or Patrick Snow is just kidding? He wrote a book on the topic that is available on Amazon. Should that suggest that he might just have some ideas?

What are the top five passions in life?

What are your most audacious, boldest goals in life?

Do we control our own destinies? 90 percent of people think and act as if their destiny is foreordained, while only about 10 percent believe in the capacity to change and act on it.

“Put your own fate exactly where it belongs-in your hands”

Create your own destiny; plan, dream, and execute a better future-despite the challenges of the economy and life circumstances.

In Creating Destiny, Where is Family, Wealth and Health?

Put family ahead of work. No one ever found himself or herself on the
deathbed wishing they had spent more time at the office away from family. Wealth without health is not worth its weight in gold. Nevertheless, like John Addison, you need to “do today what others won’t do, so you can have tomorrow what others won’t have.”

Kevin Daum’s 7 Tips for Creating Your Own Destiny

Get up and be counted, that is the way the question sounds. Are you working on your life or just living in it? It is wrong to appear as a mere spectator on this crucial trip. Therefore, start the press up and heavy lifting, plan and execute life and career strategies worthy of your potential.

Get an accountability partner(s) but ignore the naysayers – This is someone or people you can engage on your preferred future. You should also be ready to commit to help them achieve theirs.

“If you want something bad enough, tell enough others what it is that you want. Sooner or later someone or something will show up in your life and help you get it.” — W. Clement Stone

Have preferred future birthdays as milestones for a review – This will be time to examine and discuss the details of every aspect of your lives, personal and professional, to achieve integrated success and happiness.

The game of life rewards the right players. We have a huge part to play in order to determine and obtain the life that truly makes us happy.


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