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Worklife Four Spokes -A Drive Into Work/Life Balance

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Worklife four spokes sounds like a bicycle rotating wheel theory. Anything that makes the wheel of life move in the right direction is worth a taste. What happens when those with ‘professional’ taste buds go on a tasting ‘mission’; tasting, wine, coffee, cuisine, beer etc? Take a little, swallow or spit it out.

I therefore urge you to give ‘worklife four spokes’ a tasty trial. Moreover, we have moved from worklife balance, to worklife blend, worklife effectiveness, and worklife in homelife. The final admonition is that you should actually forget trying to achieve worklife balance.

“After all, your car can be repaired or replaced; you cannot.”

The theory behind ‘worklife four spokes’ says that you can assess your work/life balance by paying attention to the four spokes of life. You need to view your life as a wheel made of four spokes, and becoming mindful of what might be out of whack.

The Four Spokes Of Life

Spoke 1 Work: Practice healthy work habits, and work harmoniously with coworkers.

Spoke 2 Family: The second most important of the spokes, but the worse to define. Whatever your family configuration or definition, what are you giving to it?.

Spoke 3 Play: Social interaction outside your family to friendships and pastimes. Play, fun activities that takes you away from everyday routines and stressors.

Spoke 4 SelfCare: The most important, but often considered last and least. No one can give you this, not even family, it’s all yours.

What do you notice, is balance missing in one or more quadrants? What do you want to change? How would you do it and when will you begin? Do you need a mentor?

If you were a car with a flat tire, you would slow down

Many of us treat our cars better than we treat ourselves. If you were a car with a flat tire, you would slow down, pull over on the roadside and fix the tire. So what’s stopping you from doing that for yourself? After all, your car can be repaired or replaced; you cannot.

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