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Worklife In Morrisons Zooms Into Four-Day Working Week

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Worklife in Morrisons will be changing beyond work from home or work from anywhere. A four-day working week is to be introduced for staff at one of the UK’s big four supermarkets.

This is following similar changes that is being introduced by big conglomerates across the globe. Ideas that used to be perks for select, highly ranked or talented employees are now becoming the new normal for all employees on a general scale.

It is amazing how a pandemic is forcing major positive changes that now puts most employees as organisations real greatest assets. Don’t blame the Human Resource department for the slow train that got us here.

That train moved from Toyota, Fujitsu, Stellar, and now to Morrisons. It is encouraging changes to government policies that impacts worklife and the environment.

South Korea’s brightest IT minds are gathering to Pangyo Techno Valley to enjoy greatest Work-life balance Ideas. Unions, like Irish Financial Services Union are also beginning to make demands to mitigate unplanned impact of coronavirus changes to ways of working.

More than 1,500 workers at Morrisons’ head office will be paid the same to do a day less as part of a major shake-up of working practices at the retail giant.

The scheme will see them do nine-hours instead of eight with a six-hour Saturday shift once a month.

It will start when staff begin to return to the Bradford-based office on 27 July following the coronavirus lockdown.

Key benefits and highlights of the new ways of worklife in Morrisons

Clare Grainger, people director with the Yorkshire retail giant, said: “These new improvements to our ways of working will enable us to be more flexible and responsive and will make Morrisons a place where more people will want to join and stay.”

The new rules will not be applied to shop staff who tend to work a rota system. But across board, worklife in Morrisons will change for people in more than one way, even if all the benefits below does not apply to all.

  • Better work-life balance,
  • Increase productivity,
  • More time available for socialising, family and community,
  • Refreshed and more motivated staff,
  • Extra time for people to spend on leisure activities,
  • Economic stimulation for impacted sectors,
  • More job opportunities, thereby reducing unemployment,
  • Better mental health and wellbeing.

Three-quarters of workers supported the concept. “It’s in no one’s interests to return back to the pressure and stress that people were under before this pandemic,” it concluded.

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