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Ergonomics battles And working from home

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Millions of Americans have been working from home for months. Most will be going about this with inadequate workspace ergonomics. Quite frankly, no one can be blamed. Most home offices were quick set ups following the pandemic induced lock-down. And with Covid-19 cases rising in many states, there is no clear end in sight for when many will return back to city offices.

Some companies have promised to stay remote permanently, others are offering a variant. Some companies are amending their plans and policy as new realities emerges. Steller has adopted a long-term work-from-home policy, even though they still want to keep their headquarter. Toyota is giving “eligible” employees option to work from home permanently. And Fujitsu will in three years time, halve the office space in use.

Ergonomics and work delivery

Delivering outstanding work result that enhances careers and improve company productivity should not come at a huge price. Employees deserve a comfy worklife, wellness and a ‘feel’ of the office they were used to, even while working from home.

People are managing work life stress adjusting to the new normal, workspace ergonomics should not add to this. An ergonomic compliant home workspace is very important when employees have to put in extra hours to meet deadlines. Extra hours that will be breaking into set buffers meant to protect from work request tension.

Even while working a normal 9 – 5 hours, and using a standard ergonomic chair, it is wrong to sit for too long without observing intermittent breaks.

Not a few are happy to be free from the stress of daily commuting and the cost. However, the not so important steps that we take before we get to our office seat, are now lost. At best, steps count is now limited to movements from the bed room, to the kitchen and then to a working table. That is where a product like ‘under the desk mini-bike comes very useful.

Nine ergonomics products to choose from

Can coronavirus end office working, definitely not. But for the new normal, and before some offices fully open, we must get working from home right. If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in improving your home office setup, here are nine products — from ergonomic tools to a cold brew coffee-maker — that will make your working from home days more comfortable.

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