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Dark shadows from a pandemic’s dark nights

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Worklife – Nothing describes the impact of COVID-19 better in one word than lockdown. It has been gruesome! That is why the planes did not fly, and why businesses shut down. It is the reason why schools have not, and won’t reopen back to normal classes, why the world economy is almost drowning and why many are working from home. We have our feet, but they are locked down. We can go every anywhere in our homes, but no where outside our homes, father than our immediate neighborhoods.

The shadows trails us all in the dark. We searched, but couldn’t see ourselves. Hope is drained. While well-being, wellness, and mental health are hot topics, government’s are confused, no, not panicking. Only their shadows are moving to create motions in the pandemic dark nights.

Six months, six countries, six families – and one unrelenting, unforgiving epidemic

Steve Hendrix narrates the stories of six families that searched for their shadows for six months across six countries, when the pandemic dark nights reigned supreme.

He unmasked the invisible menace that emerged out of China like a wave which rolled inexorably across a defenseless globe, swamping some, overwhelming many, battering hopes, amplifying woes and totally putting many life’s into storms.

In far-flung corners of the Earth, six families, like millions of others, would struggle to ride out the wave as it crested and then receded and then threatened to rise again.

This account, detailed in dozens of interviews over several months, is their story — and the world’s.

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