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How to create ‘no-work’ buffer for after-hours work tension

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I was angry with Sarah (not her real name) because she couldn’t spare a few minutes to pick my call or reply my chats. I sent her a ‘final’, not too friendly message, hoping to wake her up to ‘live’ again. Instead, she only dug deeper into her work trenches. How to create a simple, safe conversation has now become a huge mountain.

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I was put in panic mode. Intentionally, I ignored the silence for days, weeks.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. Then I started to call her again and again. Still no answer. Fear and panic steps in.

COVID-19 death rates are climbing. Is she affected? Who else can I ask to reach out to her?

Finally, she picked my call.

I tried to avoid sounding anxious. She confessed her intentional ‘sin’ of keeping away because I was angry with her work stress.

How To Create Work Control Deal For A Workaholic

That is the ‘control deal’ she entered into with her sister and daughter, but it didn’t work. How to create a workable control system is not my specialization. Not for a workaholic who hates her job any way, only taking the pressures until she can find a better one.

How could I have known that it got worse? When she wasn’t picking my calls. She said that her junior sister have had to forcefully remove the laptop from her. And her daughter once brought a cane, intending to beat her. All because she has consistently refused to leave work alone for family time, even when it is past normal working hours.

When work intrudes after hours in the form of pings and buzzes from smart device notifications, it can trigger spikes of tension that result in a host of adverse results for employees, consisting of negative work rumination, poor affect and insomnia.

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