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Finding Purpose during a Furlough: ‘Lasagna Lady’ Story

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Left: Michelle Brenner cooking her sauce; A load of Michelle’s lasagnas ready to donate/ Finding Purpose during a Furlough

When Michelle Brenner moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, about six years ago, she did not realise that her new abode will open a mix bag and different chapters in her life. She was furloughed from her job at a menswear store after Covid-19 pandemic hit. She was not looking at finding purpose during a furlough.

Booted out of a normal routine, locked in like everyone else, she quickly realized that she is not very good at sitting around. She decided to use her extra time and a family lasagna recipe to create a free food movement in her Washington community.

So far, she has made more than 1,275 pans of lasagna for friends, neighbors, first responders, and anyone in need of a good fresh meal — without charging anyone.

For Brenner, this is a labor of love, and she has no plans to stop.

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Is It Possible Finding Purpose During A Tough Time?

“I knew it was my time in my life to give back to the people who paved life’s path for me to have the 45 years of life that I’ve had,” she said. She decided she wanted to help elderly members of her community and those who could not get out and shop for themselves because of the pandemic. So, she signed up to work as a shopper for Instacart.

She only spent two days working with the grocery delivery app — but during that time she noticed one item her customers kept asking for: frozen lasagna. One of those customers was a man in his nineties. Brenner said when she delivered the frozen lasagna and other items to him, he confessed to her that he had not had any fresh food in nearly a month and a half.

That moment inspired Brenner to do some grocery shopping of her own and pick up the ingredients to make her family a fresh lasagna based on her grandmother’s recipe.

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