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Defeat of Mr Compliance HR and Rise Of Chief Wellbeing Officer?

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Few years ago, some HR practitioners were labelled as offering ‘parenting HR’ simply because they supported employees wellbeing. Yet, in these unprecedented times, comprehensive wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical, financial and professional) in the workplace is so important. But who will take care of employees wellbeing when HR doesn’t want to?

How we support ourselves, and how we support others within our businesses – such as business partners, clients and contacts – is crucial. The good news is that companies are progressively making the care of their people a top priority.

Does this mean there is a new opportunity to create a C-suite position and prioritize wellbeing rather than burying the position in the traditionally compliance-based HR function? The answer is yes, and many health systems across the country are already establishing a new executive position, what they call a Chief Wellness Officer, as a strategy to address the burnout epidemic among physicians and other clinicians.

Now that this will gradually get off HR coverage and be managed by emerging Wellness Officers, HR might just be getting another ‘return to intensive care unit’ advise. Like every other profession, a chunk of what is traditional HR roles are getting digitized, and frontline managers are being encouraged to handle some other critical HR duties.

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