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Fears Surrounds ‘New Normal’ from Coronavirus Business Unusual

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At this time, there is a grey area around the greatest source of fear among various worklife issues. While some have lost their job and have serious concern on how to pay their bills, some fear they may soon loss their job, loss the new freedom from working from home once they go back to work or the fear of getting the virus at work or when commuting to work.

Fears surrounding job losses because of the impact of Covid-19 cannot be underplayed. And even if staff haven’t been directly affected by the current pandemic, there’s every chance that the isolation associated with lockdown and the extra pressures on family life and finances will either engender new mental health problems, or exacerbate existing issues for many workers.

So if companies want to retain skilled staff, they’ll have to pay more than lip service to workplace mental health – not only with initiatives like employee assistance counselling services, but also through retraining managers to lead with more emotional intelligence and offering much more flexible working hours and conditions.

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