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Can Coronavirus end office working?

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Nearly half of working adults in the UK have been working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Nearly half of all working adults (49%) in the UK are working from home due to coronavirus, according to the latest figures. Before the pandemic, it was just 5%.

“A full return to the office seems a strange prospect. Remote meetings are set to stay. This is how the world does business now.”

The Big Debate – To Return or To Stay?

To Stay

  • For employees, the prospect of saving hours travelling to work every day has clear benefits for their well-being, work-life balance and wallets, as well as the climate.
  • Company’s has seen that people can be just as effective, if not more so, working from home.
  • Trading daily commute time for increased time at home, for exercise or for personal development, are helping people to feel more satisfied, engaged and more productive.
  • There is less traffic on the roads, supporting the improvements the globe is seeing in reduced carbon usage.
  • If workers are to return to a central office, businesses are having to adapt to social distancing guidelines.

To return

  • City centre locations will remain attractive to employers because people always need to collaborate to learn, to create, to innovate.
  • Some have missed the social interaction and creativity offered by working closer with colleagues.
  • Large companies need people to come together to create a culture or train new members of staff.
  • Being in offices allow members of staff to enjoy being part of a team.
  • Working from home can present challenges, including interruptions by spouse, children and pets.
  • Some homes are just not conducive and don’t have the space for productive work.
  • Some businesses cannot be run from home, yet they too can be badly affected because others are going to be working from home.

“We need people to come back to work to bring city centres back to life because there’s synergy between people working and cafes, sandwich bars, shops and pubs for socialising.”

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