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Greatest Work-life balance Ideas that draws South Korea’s IT brightest talents to Pangyo Techno Valley

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South Korea’s brightest IT minds are gathering to Pangyo Techno Valley — a tech hub modeled after Silicon Valley in the US — not only because of its vicinity to Seoul but also because of its culture that seemingly respects greatest work-life balance, something rare among traditional big companies.

The phenomenon is attributed to the rise of IT powerhouses that have nestled in Pangyo, as well as the changing perception of success among the younger generation, industry watchers say. Working long hours at the expense of their private lives no longer serves their career purpose, they explain.

Greatest Work-life balance Ideas

  1. Top-tier day care centers
  2. Perks while working
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. Provision of housing support

The day cay centers’ menu is monitored by parents and they can access security cameras if a request is made. “It’s great to go to work and get off work together with my kids and it’s reassuring that the day cay center is right next my work place,” a Games employee said. For mothers breastfeeding their babies, a lactation room is equipped with a private breastfeeding space, electric breastfeeding pumps, a baby bottle sterilizer and a breast milk refrigerator.

While kids are in the good hands of day cay centers, employees can enjoy beer during work to relax. For employees who don’t like beer, some companies offer fresh coffee brewed by baristas.

Apartments leases to employees who have to move in from other parts of the country provides a tick off, for one big worry on the checklist, when there are so many things to take care of.

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