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Career to Wealth: From Employee to Second Richest Person in China

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Few years ago, he was just a normal Google employee. Let me put it in perspective, recently Colin Huang was valued by Forbes ahead of Alibaba’s Jack Ma but behind Tencent’s Pony Ma. Mr Huang founded Pinduoduo in 2015.

In monetary, relational, workjoy and life impact investment terms, how much was he valued and treated as an intern at Microsoft and as an engineer at Google?

As part of his workjoy conclusion, he said, “Google gave me far more than I contributed.”

Some other Google employees can list a tonne of issues that they may have with the company.

“Some early Google employees had been adversely affected by quickly becoming wealthy. They suddenly got too much money, lost incentives to work and started to look for fun and new careers. Many years passed, and they wasted their most precious time, when they were most likely to have other outstanding achievements.” – Colin Huang, 2016

Life is a journey, a triathlon, or hexathlon. Fun, Worklife – a job, a career – are just one of several gigs in the race. Not the rat race, of course. But your race. Where you maintain your own lane, pace, and work to be better continuously. Not bitter, because you are distracted looking at the race, lane, and pace of another.

No single company is perfect enough to tick all items on Myfunworklife Life Impact Investment checklist. But where will you rather live a big chunk of your daily life, work, transfer your skills and talent to if you have a ‘company name empty’ offer of employment letter?

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