COVID-19; Is There A Social Experiment Perspective?

COVID-19; Is There A Social Experiment Perspective

“With very little apparent concern or consideration of the possible consequences, we are engaging in an unprecedented social experiment.” – Janet Daley, The Telegraph, 06 June 2020

There are few write-ups that wakes you up from your self-enlisted sabbatical not to write. Janet Daley just hit like a second world war bomb, “into your eighth or ninth decade, you come to terms with the fact of mortality and come to appreciate the most basic truth of the human condition: that nothing is more important than family and friendship.” That speaks to part of what myfunworklife is all about.

Questions on our mind – For example, Is COVID-19 A Social Experiment?

Janet Daley, like some others, also have a lot of questions on her mind, but WHO is providing her with answers?

At first, she started like trying to remind herself of some facts. “At first we were told that it must stay in place “until we have a vaccine”. Then, without any explanation or apology, we were being given the new message that there might never be a vaccine.”

Then her questions poured, in torrents –
1. So normal human interaction is to be suspended far, far into the future?
2. When the number of new cases is down to almost nothing, will we hear yet more about the risk of a “second wave” in the autumn, or the winter, or next year?
3. Must it be decided simply by popular resistance and a gradual collapse of government authority?
4. When – and on what grounds – do we decide that this is over? Or is that logically impossible?

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I can only answer one other question, among others that she asked, “Here is the more important question, to be asked of those on whose behalf all this damage is being done: is this what you want?” I do not know, I feel numb, I seems not to have a voice again. Perhaps, not even able to think for myself! Will that answer or status fits into one expectation from a social experiment?

Mr Bean’s Essential COVID-19 Checklist


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