The Greatest Love Story, Our Stories, A Personal Story

The Greatest Love Story, Our Stories, A Personal Story

The greatest love story is about you and I, our troubles finding and managing love; and a man who got bold enough to share his own failures and recovery experience.

Click A Love Story, to TAKE A LISTEN

Source: “A LOVE STORY” by Pastor Keith Battle of Zion Church, Maryland, USA.

What ever you neglect will die on you!

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Sit back, I want to tell you a story, the greatest Love Story!

This is about the story of love that you are into or about to get into. From a flowery, creative, caring, flaming love. To a love that drifts away like a weightless flower on a slow moving stream. And for a love drift happens, it happens when love losses all of its intensity and creativity.

Now, this may not be your story, or you are feeling, did someone just told these folks about what is going on in my life?

Why not just listen yourself to the full story … Click A Love Story, to TAKE A LISTEN.



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