Nightmares of a Job Applicant – How I Got a Job During Pandemic


Reaching a Good Work-life Balance as an Achievement


Secret to Balance Between Personal And Work Life

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When Employees Design Work Of The Future

1 Mins read
In some organizations, some categories of staff are allowed to shape the nature of their work. Using the past as a benchmark,…
JournalWork-Life Balance

Productivity Is About Your Systems, Not Your People

1 Mins read
Personal solutions are useful, but productivity is about your systems. An effective antidote to low productivity and inefficiency must be applied at system level […]
JournalWork-Life Balance

What To Do If Your Main Squeeze Puts Work Before Your Relationship

2 Mins read
It is not about infidelity. But if you are considering what to do if your partner is putting work before your relationship, take the following steps […]

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3 ways software can manage employees when they return to the workplace

1 Mins read
Software is going to play a crucial role in helping employees and companies find some sense of normalcy in …

F.E.A.R. Dollar Credit Card

1 Mins read
There is a credit card that can be used to finance one of life most demanding
Work-Life Daily

Do Office Reopenings Mean A Return To The 'Old Normal'?

1 Mins read
Do office reopenings mean a return to the ‘old normal’? Some are more open to returning as long as […]